Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Method? And patience

The good news is, my current plunge into darkness (of various varieties) was not, in itself, The Disease getting much much worse.

An acupuncture condition... about a dozen needles later, including the ever-so-much-fun CV-1 and Heart-Protector-8 (ouch), and life is worth living again. Although the acupuncturist did say that, from an acupuncture point of view, I was "in extremis."

He said it'd be a few days before the treatment really solidified. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Traveling the Neurological Highway, there's almost nothing that anyone can do. Nothing that can be done. It's really, really nice when something--anything--can actually make you feel better. And if not better, at least make you feel no-longer bad.

Oh, I wish acupuncture worked on the neurological level. Alas, it doesn't. But it's nice that it does work on the things it does work on. Right tool for the right job, as the saying goes.

Meanwhile, the task before me isn't physical therapy, it's spiritual therapy. It's letting go of the things that need letting go, forgiving the things that need forgiving.

Interesting that my M.S.-imposed physical condition has pretty much removed my ability to do anything besides... spiritual therapy.

Also interesting (as a contrast to the above "interesting") that physical therapy has a very clear method. Do these exercises in this way, your muscles will change in this way. Even neurological "therapy," set these problems before yourself and do them in this way, and your nerves-or-whatever will get better-at-least-we-think/hope-so.

Ah, but for spiritual therapy. One can ask one's choice of deity to do [whatever] for you, and deities being [frequently] benevolent, they will [or so one likes to think].

But even the very, very clear instructions: For example, "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us," requires us to actually do something.

How to do that... that's where the clearly-defined method simply doesn't exist. At least, I don't know what that method is.

But since my current condition has reduced the number of things I'm actually able to do to "the spiritual," I guess my next steps are as clear as they can be, at such times.

Well, that and "Wait for the insurance agencies to make up their minds about [pretty much everything]."

I guess "patience" must be part of that damned "spiritual path" thing, too.

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