Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Which road... ?

Well, this was unexpected...

Got up with the sun (bedroom window does face east, it's not all that hard to get up with the sun). Took my gotta-have-it-before-breakfast pill, lay back down. Felt great.

Stayed in bed for quite a while, but felt great. At least, reasonably good, but by contrast to just a few days ago, it'd have to be "great." Thought about what I might like to try to do, creatively, in the afternoon. Yes, to manifest something creatively, something that I haven't done for way too long. I felt like it just might be possible.

Didn't have any breakfast (I stayed so long in bed that I missed the "breakfasting hour" and I was hoping/planning on somehow lunching with my wife), took a shower, drove to the favorite Taiwanese food-and-tea place, brought back favorite food-and-tea for the two of us.

Eating... completely debilitated me. Lunch was not "Thanksgiving dinner"-style gorging, it was exactly the same dish that I've had time after time after time, with no reactions even vaguely similar to this. Pretty much immediately after eating, I had to return to bed. I barely had the strength to read stuff on the web via my iPhone. I slept some. I had to leave the bed around 3:30 to talk to the gardener (which I was able to do, but dang it did take me a long time to wall-walk to the front door to talk to him), somehow made it back to bed, stayed there for another two and a half hours.

So... this is great. Not eating... that's probably not good for me. However, eating... seems also not to be good for me.

Well, something's not good for me. Dunno how long it'll take to figure out what it is... There's certainly no point in looking for "why," but at least "what" would be handy to know.

So, another addition to the list. Things that sap my strength big time...

  • Sitting in the wrong chair.
  • Walking using the walker, for too great a distance
  • Not eating 
  • Eating

I wonder which road leads to the "winning" scenario? Clearly none of the above... With luck, I'm not seeing some obvious "middle way" or "out of the box" solution, but when two of the wrong answers seem to be "don't eat" and "eat"... Which roads are left for me to take?

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