Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things do indeed change

Here in Pasadena, it's definitely comin' on Winter, as they say in Montana. (They also say that there are four seasons in Montana: Conin' on Winter, Winter, Pretty much still Winter, and Road Construction.)

Thinking a lot, perhaps more than I should, about life in New Haven and at Yale and its environs... But as a very wise man reminds us, there are many paths to enlightenment, but "nostalgia" isn't one of them.

My herbalist has encouraged me to try snorting small doses of my herbs, 1980's-cocaine-style. It's quite odd (there's cardamom in this formula, who snorts cardamom?) but it's gentle, and it works. Dunno exactly what it does, but it's doing something beneficial.

He also told me to go full-court-press on B vitamins. Megadosing. But he did come up with a superlative research paper about what to do and why. And, a relief, at least we know what B vitamins do. This particular paper is gloriously free of "is thought to" bet-hedging.

I had some matcha this morning on the back veranda... I can take the outside world briefly and in controlled doses. But at least from the veranda I can watch and maybe even enjoy, the promised rain while staying dry. It was quite odd toddling around the high school (former workplace) in a powered wheelchair in wet weather... My knees and shins got wet, because they were basically the "leading edge" of my forward motion. Top of my head of course yes, but nothing like direction-of-motion shins catching the rain. Sort of a Mythbusters experiment gone very, very oddly.

Very simple activities, today. The usual "bathroom polka," additional details of which you do not want, take my herbs in various methods, maybe even make some pickles. Maybe send some messages from the computer, pay some bills (or in this particular case, some more bills, such as the supplies I need to keep myself happy in the Cath Club). Eat. Yes, that needs to be committed to as a "mandatory to do" just like my morning thyroid pill and daily catheterization... because it takes special circumstances likely that to happen in any way... "Go out to eat" I do very very rarely, because getting dressed enough and bathroom-adventure'ed enough, plus being able to simply withstand leaving the house, is a Very. VERY. Big. Deal.

Speaking of which, it's time to have some herbs and try to eat something. The difficulty of bringing myself to do which is very foreign to a gastronaut such as mysel...

But, things change. They do indeed change.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Take what you can get

Time to remind myself about the whole "gifts of MS" thing.

Here's a gift: Simply noticing.

Nowadays, I notice my wife a lot more. She's really amazing, and it is definitely amazing to see exactly how wonderful.

Well, she's really wonderful. The source of the most amazing surprises... among many many many things, her work as a voice actor is delightful. Sometimes terrifying. A typical role in a typical (for her) game:

But her work.... she... is definitely wonderful. In everything she does.

And what's one of the most important things to learn about living with MS? About living with... life?

Take what you can get.

Sunday, December 7th, one of my compositions was performed by St. Olaf as a part of their annual Christmas festival, which has been going on since 1912. Their performers delivered a beautiful rendition of my composition Hodie--I don't have a recording yet of that performance, but I'll share it when I get it.

But it was good. Very good. St. Olaf, in the world of music... a friend of mine in the College Music Industry said that "'Good enough' for St. Olaf is 'holy crap!' for most people." It is a fine, fine place indeed. Go to any church music library, and you'll see the name "St. Olaf" peeping out at you from all sorts of places. Pictured below: Yeah, that's what St. Olaf's Christmas music festival looks like. Probably what the group that performed Hodie looked like.

Take what you can get!

Friday, November 21, 2014

That's hard

Really trying to blog again. More frequently than the GRBs so popular with NGT, if you'll forgive being sprayed by acronyms.

Learning interesting things about my iPhone. 4, I think, maybe... Anyway, leave it connected via Bluetooth to this delightful (in every other way) speaker but ****not**** sending sound through the speaker, or using the phone in any way besides leaving it lying alone doing nothing other than lying there, and the battery level just drops.

Connect it to the SC supply via the cute little square house-current-to-USB adapter that Apple itself provides, leave the phone completely alone (whether or not still connected to the bluetooth device) and the battery-level just drops. Not as fast, yet it still drops. Turn off the bluetooth, and the level still drops.

Connect same phone with no other changes to an Apple device, a computer of some kind. Battery level rises. Very quickly, too!

My conclusion: Like all things digital, phone and its battery like clean power. Computer's power provided by its USB jacks, nice and clean! Everything else... not so much. And bluetooth sucks power, whether it's being used to carry heavy data (like audio with video) or just maintaining the connection. Haven't tested yet whether bluetooth on plus computer powered USB still drains power, but as Alton Brown has said frequently, that's another show.

Spent some enjoyable time with a friend yesterday. We didn't go further than the back yard, but I managed. I was definitely out of juice, but I kept plugging away, just because I thought I needed to. If for no other reason, just to practice.

We've madereservations at a favorite restaurant for Thanksgiving. Since Food-Channel-style Thanksgiving is all about dairy, we're just going vegan. But odd as that may sound, Shojin is always quite amazing, and it's so good, you'd never know it was so good for you!

Been wandering down memory lane, remembering the Goode Olde Days back at Yale with its marching band, and performing in that band at The Game, which is what us Yalies call the Yale-Harvard game. In my day with them, it was hellishly cold, but this year portends much gentler weather. The Game is always played the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and for us Yalies, no other game matters.

Well, they have been doing it since (oh my) 1875. You do the math about "how many times."

And here we go. I've hit the wall... can't deal with this "operating the machine" stuff any longer.

That, right there, is one of the many things I have a hard time really facing & dealing with. It's one thing to have been working for an hour, or hours, and then taking a break. This is different... this is running out of so much, so suddenly, that it's "hitting the wall" not just needing a break. I had imagined looking into poking at doing music!

But no.

And that's hard too... that's very hard.