Thursday, July 12, 2012

Insurance. Paperwork. [Expletive].

My, what an interesting dialog today, with an insurer. A very slow dialog, since it's being conducted via U.S. Mail, but a dialog nonetheless.

"Your claim is denied," they said. The letter said little else, but calling them yielded an interesting discovery: Your doctor isn't properly licensed, they said. Expired, perhaps.

Really, I think. I'm quite sure that he believes his license is current and valid...

"OK, I'm going to call my doctor," I told the person on the phone. "Either his license is expired, in which case he definitely wants to know about it, or his license is current and valid, in which case you definitely want to know about it." They agreed.

So, the appeal letter goes off to them. Yes, his license is valid; just in case, here's the number. Just in case there was some confusion anywhere... Oh, I dunno. Just in case. Why not?

We'll see what the next step is... I expect that it'll turn out to have been something stupid and clerical, like a mis-read or mis-copied number, and everything will turn out OK. Or at least move to the next step of "we're going to deny you because" and the next cockamamie reason, which we'll whittle away at in its own time. If it bounces again for the same reason, I'll have to have my doctor dig out his license paperwork and send them a copy with the number, the dates it's good for, and "Yes, this is valid" circled in red.

Ah, if my myelin could be restored so quickly and trivially, simply by filling in the correct paperwork...

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