Sunday, May 3, 2015

Take what you can get

Some magician friends wrote recently on the power of nature. It is wonderful for pretty much all of us... there's power and beauty in nature, and even healing!

This is one of my doctor's favorite prescriptions: Go into nature.

Of course if you've got "real" nature, like the Everglades or Yosemite or any such place, those are the best... But unless you're stuck in the New York City subway or somewhere like that, nature is everywhere.

Ram Dass writes extensively about "be here now," and one of my own rituals is to simply say to myself, "Where am I? Here. When is it? Now." And then... breathe, and smell the air.

A moment of quiet beauty. And healing, especially healing the spirit.

So; go thou and heal.
Right now, I just want to lie down, listen to cartoons, maybe sleep. Oh yeah, Alan (the name I've given my bladder, after the balloon in the Gumboil cartoons) is about to call for a trip to the Cath Club. I did my business-y work this morning, sending stuff to people whom I hope will help me de-bollix my main computer but I expect won't help at all, so I gotta call somebody and spend more money to get my machine de-bollixed. If he can.

I presume I'll have to bring it to zero and have all sorts of stuff reinstalled.

MS by now should have brought me more than enough experience with "Things are different now," and certainly I should be used to "You THINK you made this better, but actually you've not just made it worse, you've destroyed it," you know, the whole unintended-consequences life-is-very-different-now "surprises." Well, that it has...

And I've hit the wall, so I'm going to get a snack and go to bed.

Although, as much as one can say about the MS Life, snack and bed have their own charms.

Take what you can get, right?

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