Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I give up

It has been a couple/few days since I checked in. Using the computer is hard, my hands don't feel like cooperating with my requests to type.

Took four tries to hit the letter "c" and push the key down enough to input the letter.

I managed to de-fubar my computer, all it took was a new keyboard. WTF, Apple? And keyboard people? Please play nicely together....

With keyboard back, I tried to go back to music writing! Got some stuff done! Now, it took me SIX tries to type some word in, I kept hitting completely wrong letters, one after another.

I don't know how long I'll keep doing this. I'm close to giving up.

Considering how many tries it took simply to type "give up," because I kept hitting wrong letters one after another, over and over...

Yeah. I give up.

I haven't really been giving up, the way I do today, until recently. I could, I suppose, go into details, but... Not today. Might be different tomorrow, but right now...

I give up.

(Don't worry, the worst I'll do is lie down and watch my iPad play cartoons or something, but given how many weeks, months? I haven't been able to do music stuff, but now my computer can, but I can't...

That sucks. And I don't even have the wherewithal to come up with a cartoon that encapsulates giving up.

Well, just one:

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