Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gifts come in many ways

Happy Mother's Day to those who have earned it, through hard labor and love upon labor and love.

When I was an organist for the Episcopalians, this day was referred to as one of the "Hallmark holidays," not counted in the days we actually cared about, liturgically at least.

I sent some e-mail, I'll probably do some bit of "business stuff," making sure bills are paid and such. When my wife gets up, I'll make her some tea--she loves her morning matcha, it's good for her--for both of us, both as a gift and as a beverage.

My biggest concern: Sneezing or coughing or spasm-ing or whatever, sending up my precious (and expensive) tea powder into a cloud. Which is not good.
And no, I don't do it the way it's pictured above, which is wrong wrong wrong, but you get the idea of what might happen to that nice green power it you send it into the air. As Pops of Regular Show would say, "Bad show!"

Maybe today while I'm resting in bed, I'll watch some YouTube of some particular thing that usually needs help (more on that in another discussion) and maybe identify "Ah... That's where they're going wrong!" and do some thinking. Which works lying or sitting. Usually.

Call my parents, with my Mom a Happy Mother's Day, which is I suppose especially happy because the tropical storm near where she lives in South Carolina isn't about to come to shore at her.

Sometimes, gifts come in the most amazing ways.

How are you being gifted, today?

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