Tuesday, May 12, 2015

All you can give...

I'm sorry I have so little news; my hands are not working with the keyboard so good, pretty much barely at all... this much is about all I can do.

A friend calls me yesterday. Asks me how I'm doing, do I have any interest in working again?

I have interest in not being in pain. I have interest in being able to interact with the world through my computer. I have interest in supporting my wife, who supports me marvelously. Who is [long string of expletives]-ing amazing. Go hear hear voice at karenkahler.com. You may hear her on a video game you already own, who knows?

The only one of those I can do anything about is the latter. And I can't do much of that besides send her love.

And if that's all you can do, if that's all you can give...

Then, go for it.


1 comment:

Muffie said...

What a beautiful voice! So, I'm already impressed with your beautiful music, and now I'm seeing that your wife is also extraordinarily talented! What a pair!!