Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ain't life amazing

A medical metaphor.

I have, as any who follow this space have read, issues (the polite term) with B-san as I used to call him, with Alan as I call him today, my bladder.
Nothin goopy to follow, and anything medical I share comes straight from my MDs rather than (shudder) Google's bounty of ... helpfulness.

So apparently I have this UTI. Both my MD/neurologist-turned-acupuncturist and my urologist tell me that UTIs wreak havoc on MS. UTIs are problematic anyway, add MS and things just go all wack.

So, they're gonna give me some antibiotic; my regular MD tells me that the prescribing person needs to know exactly what bug is UTI-ing you, and that's how they pick the antibiotic. If you're allergic to something, TELL THEM IN ADVANCE so they don't just reach for what you're allergic to. My Guy told me that some of the common antibiotics patients don't like, but his back-pocket everyone-usually-likes-it antibiotic turns out to be just the thing to get rid of my UTI, so later today (I hope) I'll be giving it a go.

Now, of course I could drone on about how different the world would be if there was a test for MS and the exact wrong thing was located and pop a few pills and ta da! All fixed!

Hell, if we're imagining how wonderful things would be, I'd like a monkey's paw to work miracles with. Ah, what three wishes would I choose?
Probably cause more problems than I expect, so we'll deal with that when I get one.

Anyway, the metaphor. The UTI is caused by some bug or other that just needs to leave your UT. It's very clear, just get rid of that and everything will change. To what? Who can say? But "removing wrong" is definitely a fine course of treatment.

For life.

How much karma, how many delusions, how much that is simply unforgiven, is karking up the spiritual plumbing and need to be released?

Including forgiving yourself? Doesn't matter what for, but there will be something very specific that will treat this and allow you to "pass it" to a not-inside-you destination.

Personally, if I could do so, I'd ask to get off the bladder-as-metaphor curve here on the MS Highway, but deal with what you gotta deal with here and now, that's pretty much the only choice I have.

Or has anyone. Or anything. Anything living, that is.

Ain't life amazing?

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Muffie said...

Hope they found the right antibiotic and that you'll be better soon. UTIs are nothing to fool around with.