Saturday, May 2, 2015

Culinary metaphors and the power of "when"

Saw the sunrise this morning! Well, sort-of sunrise, there are all sorts of trees between me and the actual rising of the sun, but it was still a beautiful moment.

Did the Morning Ordering via the Internet, headed here while I still have typing abilities (which ain't much and ain't gonna last, I fear), plan (hope) to make my wife's Good Morning Matcha, squeeze the last typing into some e-mail, maybe will communicate with These People regarding my misbehaving computer--they are free to call their latest OS something poetic like "Yosemite," but from my experience, it should be called "Clusterfuck."

There are a lot of things in this world that are offered as a "help," but turn out to be quite the opposite because, as a friend of mine puts it, they know what they want, but they don't know what they're doing. And to be fair, people only solve their problems, those being what they think they understand. Which they usually don't. And then things get worse. But that's another show, as Alto Brown often said.

I see a few really quite encouraging entries on my fellow MS Blogger's pages. The grandkids are coming, we're getting ready for a nice dinner, the more-than-occasional Issues with things like wheelchairs or other medical interventions. Hmm, what is it that I do, nowadays?

Answer e-mail, order things, make my wife matcha or other teas during the day, send messages to a friend of mine who is not on the MS Path but has more than enough "humanity" issues, including getting out from under the thumb of people who were basically making his life worse--fortunately, he escaped those travails and is now in a very, very good place, employment and "doing things" wise. From what I hear, he is doing something he is very very happy about: He is the chef at an "old actor's home," and he is making people very, very happy (as well as doing the Lord's Work in making the kitchen safer).

But, "doing things" in the Outside World is not what I'm called on to do, right now. Would I maybe like to do some things? Yeah, I even have things I've been considering doing for many months. But said things do take a lot of "getting things together" work, which is it's own "doing," and since I very infrequently have enough gusto to feed the cat, there ain't a lot of gusto to do all sorts of things that will make something else doable.

Think meringue; you can do amazing things with it, and it's reasonably easy to use it, but you gotta do a lot of work just to make it.
And if for whatever reason you can't make it, you can't work with it because it doesn't exist yet.

Ah, the MS "Meringue world"... interesting, no? Culinary parallels... very much in the model of Hell's Kitchen, more often than we'd like. The "hell" part especially.

Ah the things to do... I wouldn't mind putting a couple of CD's together, I even have much (if not all) f the music & stuff that's necessary, but it involves sitting at the computer for quite a while, which isn't always fun (odd pains and inability to work my hands well enough to operate the computer, irritatingly or not). Well, when I do have something to report, I will.

And you can tell that I would truly like to do it, because I describe it happening by saying not "if," but "when."

Even that is a powerful commitment.


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