Friday, May 15, 2015

A nice place to start

Just a quick check-in.

It's actually raining here in Pasadena (CA). From time to time, at least. Lightning and thunder and everything, last night. Definitely cold cold cold.

Took all of this morning's pills (yum, not), made myself breakfast.

Stuck my hands under warm water to make typing easier. Warmth lasted a couple of minutes, maybe. Now, I'm back to "barely able to type." Typing crazily brings me to an Unhappy Place; I've definitely got some work to do on my attitude, because I have no idea how to make my hands work better. Oh well. Back to bed, in a very, very few moments.

My task for today:

Be here now. Sure, I may need to do business-y things like see if a bill hasn't been paid yet, gonna switch pillows to make sitting up in bed easier. Otherwise, it's a simple prescription.

Be here now.

A good place for any of us to start.

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