Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have a very, very long list of "things that need doing," and a three-day weekend to do them in.

And I spent several hours just lying in my bed this morning, under the blanket, simply because it was warm and cozy.

Then, while browsing about on my iPhone, nice and cozy under the covers, I came upon an article from, about the crafting space of Paul Overton. It was nice enough, some clever ideas about hanging tools from chicken wire rather than pegboard... Then, this caught my attention:

"It's [my studio is] like my dojo. I consider it a spiritual practice to keep it organized."

Suddenly, I was able to get out of bed. And not just "able" to get up. I all but leapt out of bed. Immediately.

We "neurologicals" know that our nervous system is adapting constantly. Which means it's being trained constantly. By everything that happens. Every minute of every day.

My studio--my compositional dojo--is a sty. In many ways, so is my life, right now.

Our "practice" is what we practice in our living of every minute of every day. Our "training" is what we experience, every minute of every day, and what we learn from interacting with every minute of every day, no matter with what or with whom. Sure, we can specialize our training/practice by working on specific skills (shooting the bow, playing the organ, meditating) but life? We practice life constantly, simply by living it. And our "spiritual practice?" Certainly that includes meditation, movement, self-observation... but is it not also just as much the "moving meditation" of moving through life? The living of our lives?

Time for me to clean my dojo. Time for me to improve my practice. Time for me to fully participate in, rather than endure, my training.

What will you practice today? What will you train for today?

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