Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Odd side effects

Leaden legs, today. Especially the more badly impaired right leg; it feels like a balloon overfilled with room-temperature (or colder) liquid metal. And not a cool metal, like mercury. Definitely something heavy, thick, and boring. Lead. Definitely lead.

Had one of the most civil discussions I've ever had today, with someone who's pretty much diametrically opposite me on the political spectrum. We listened to each other. We respected each other as people. We spoke as though we were worthwhile people, even if we wouldn't choose the same approaches to the nation's problems.

And when speaking to each other, and listening to each other, we realized that we share a lot of common values. And common intentions.

Calmness. Listening. Blessing my brother whether I agreed with him or not.

I never would have done this before the diagnosis. Well, maybe a little... I'd like to think so, at any rate. But nothing like this afternoon.

MS does have weird side effects. Pity that I had to get MS to have them "afflict" me.

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