Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fire tending

A good treatment today; a block removed (one that I get not so frequently, I'm not as familiar with how this one feels), the Fire strengthened.

Bit of an oddly tough day. At times a physiologically bumpy ride... everyone with MS knows those moments that come by every once and a while, that you only feel good describing by obliquely saying "Well, that was ... odd. Unfortunate, really. But, mercifully... now it's over. Good thing, too." Moments that prove that when everything is said and done, God is merciful, but has a really twisted sense of humor.

Then again, laughter is medicine, too. Even if the jokes are really, really, strange.

I'm pretty pooped right now, if I'm lucky the treatment'll really kick in tomorrow and things will be better. I'm going to lunch, brainstorm, and prop-shop with one of my colleagues whom I really enjoy being with and really enjoy being creative with. I'm taking him to lunch at one of the best restaurants in Little Tokyo, lunch is inexpensive but fantastic.

Going on adventures whose entire purpose is igniting creative infernos is really, really fun. I'm really looking forward to this.

Been having an interesting (and interestingly allegorical) adventure with one of my students. She's shared some of her writing with me, and there's something about it that is very, very special. Being the age she is, she's got (as we all do) many things to learn, and I'm trying to figure out ways to help her discover improvements without endangering her marvelous creativity. My current tack is to talk about new pathways to explore, rather than whether the ones she's going down are limited. To create an awareness of yet-unseen possibilities.

If I could only catalyze that awareness within my own consciousness...

Physician, heal thyself.

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