Saturday, January 30, 2010


Got a good chunk of a first draft of a Palm Sunday processional written today; stopped at about the 2/3 mark, but the last third should be the easiest part.

I'm noticing a new kind of "inertia," in a very Newtonian sense. You remember the First Law of Motion, of course, which says that objects in motion tend to remain at motion, and objects at rest remain at rest, unless some external force acts upon them to change their motion (or rest). Moving my legs has been getting very difficult; I don't know exactly what's up, but my experience of this experience is that they're increasing their inertia. It's not that they have "trouble" moving, it's as though they just don't like moving.

I hope it's just the weather, which has been brutally cold. Penetrating, and brutally cold. Right now, I'm sitting with my legs under a blanket, and wearing long underwear, and still my legs are cold. I should probably just lie in a hot bath, but... inertia. I don't even want to get up and move somewhere warm.

In lighter news, I just read an interesting blog posting from another MSer, on the "Cognitive Reserve Hypothesis." In a nutshell, she posits that keeping yourself mentally active provides a reserve, a buffer, against MS-imposed cognitive impairment, and she suggests ways to keep one's mind active and engaged on a constant, daily basis.

I've always said that working with my students is my best therapy; it seems that's true in more ways than I had realized. And here I thought it was just good for me because we have so much fun and they smile so much.

As is said so often in Hollywood, "It works on so many levels."

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