Friday, January 8, 2010


Got something accomplished today at work. I think. Probably something in the category of "it needed doing" but not in the categories of "vital," "fun," or "rejuvenating."

Watched a couple of episodes of Dennou Coil with the anime club. They liked it. Energetically, I was already sucked dry by that point, I had to work hard to stay awake.

Got my hair cut--that, at least, I'm happy about, I've been grousing to myself about getting that done for days. Hmm... but I have to admit, it is kinda lame, when you think that "an accomplishment" is having enough energy to drive somewhere to have someone run a buzz-cutter over your head.

Went home. Lay down. Immediately sacked out for four hours. Woke up, had some of my wife's (quite excellent) soup. Typed this blog entry. Not sure what's up for the rest of the evening, but probably not much.

In the context of "you have to make a significant change to your life," and looking at the amount of energy that I clearly don't have as exhibited by today's torpor, things don't look particularly good for Our Hero.

But... there has to be a solution. There is a solution.

Now to find it.

And the first thing I want to add to that last sentence is "If I only had the energy to look."

And that immediate reaction, that "consciousness of deficiency" as they would call it in the Science of Mind church... is the first thing that's got to change.

I guess that means, the first step on the path has just been revealed.

OK then.

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