Monday, August 27, 2012

Just plain fun

Another good day; the freeways were most merciful, nothing too horribly painful at the acupuncturist's. Poetic-point-name of the day: "Spirit Storehouse." Also got a four-point set, "Sea of Nourishment." There are a lot of "Seas" on various meridians, they all have their charms, and their uses.

Resolved to do some work in the kitchen this evening, and pretty much finished it just fine. Yeah, there were a couple of things I could also have done, but what I did was necessary, and it was good for me to do it.

Came darned close to burning out my legs and falling over and not being able to stand up. But didn't. And that's definitely a triumph.

Herbalist says I have to crank up the dosage on the current formula. Fortunately, the most prominent flavor in this mix, at the current and soon-to-be dosages, is licorice. Chinese licorice used in herbal formulas involves actual twigs, it has little or nothing to do with the "black licorice whip" flavor of Western candy. But, fortunately, it's not at all unpleasant. Prominent, unmistakable, yes—but not unpleasant.

Tomorrow I'm going to do something completely new, out of the house, with a friend of mine. It's gonna involve a video camera, something that I know "on paper" how to use, but am not nearly as comfortable with as sound equipment. Gonna have to edit it, too... that's going to be fun too, I think. I hope. Fortunately, there's no "due date" on that particular project, but the sooner the whole thing's finished, the happier I'll be.

I'm hoping to come to... to embrace... a change, in the way I'm conducting my life. Has nothing to do with The Disease or what my Neurological Nonsense has inflicted on me... it's as much philosophical as anything else. But it's definitely time for a change.

Plus, I've got lectures to prep. And music to write. And, soon, video to edit. And all of those things are just plain fun. And all of them can be done from a seated position. Sometimes even a really comfortable seated position. The weather is tending towards autumn, and there's a gentleness in the air, in the very energy of the world. Who knows... some of this stuff (not the video editing, but certainly the lecture prep) I might even be able to do outside, in the cool of the day or even the evening. And certainly, coming to peace with the season, with the energy of the earth (especially the energy of Earth, five-element-wise; the time of "decrease"), is a very important part of my healing right now.

And "just plain fun" is also something I can definitely use, right now.

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Muffie said...

Did you mention the lecture before and I missed it? I'm interested to know the W's of the assignment! You're sounding so much better!! Yay!