Sunday, August 5, 2012

Still fighting inescapable fatigue. Actually, I don't seem to have enough energy to "fight" it. And I don't really know how exactly to fight it, so...

Still experiencing inescapable fatigue. Made it to the store; got lunch & dinner, brought it home. Had lunch with my wife outside (not too hot at the time for such things) but between the two of those things, it was too much to ask. Back to bed, back to sleep for... I don't really know how long.

Took a few minutes at the machine to attempt to do something that doesn't require ingenuity or creativity. It eluded me (fault of the online documentation that's supposed to help you with such operations). Maybe will try to do something else that doesn't require ingenuity or creativity, just "doing." Moving files around, making links to said files for a web page, moving said files to the web site so that they can be acquired via aforementioned links.

Then, probably, back to bed. Maybe back to a chair. Or bed. We'll see.

And my "magical" wireless keyboard is [expletive upon expletive] malfunctioning BIG time, so I'll draw this to a close rather than hurl said keyboard through the window, propelled by the aforementioned stream of expletives.

[A pause, while Our Hero stumbles across the room to another computer. Windows 7. Great. I miss XP. At least it isn't (shudder) Vista...]

I'm going to try a leftover Microsoft wireless keyboard, not because I prefer Microsoft to Apple equipment, but any port in a storm, y'know? And if that doesn't work... I can barely spend the day at home out of bed, how exactly am I going to get to the Apple store?

One problem at a time... sigh.

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