Saturday, January 2, 2016

I suppose...

New Year is pretty much the same as the old, so far. Got a couple of interesting e-mails, the B2 flew over our house on its way to the Rose Parade.

And, of course, the usual list of Things I Gotta Ask The Doctor Folks. I'll spare you the details, but there are definitely a few things that would fall into a favorite cartoon character's shout of "What the what?!?"
If something worth sharing comes of said conversations, I will. I expect, though, that it'll come down to "Yeah, that happens sometimes." Give me the actual cause, and it will still boil down to "Yeah, that happens sometimes."

That was pretty much my reaction to receiving The Diagnosis. "You have multiple sclerosis," he said. "Well, it was going to be something, eventually," said I.

I have been working with a life coach... who, I think, may not have as much experience with outliers like myself. One of her worksheets asks what goals you have and, basically, what are you doing to get them. One of the one-word categories was "Health." I haven't quite decided how to answer that... Perhaps "Yep. I'm for it. Don't have it, but I'm for it."

A little web-site poking--now, that's a project that's definitely waiting to be done, a whole web-site re-organize. Well, I'm for it, at least. The first step is thought, and at least I'm still good at doing that.

As for what's really next... Who can say?

I'm for it, I suppose...

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