Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The New Year proceeds at its own rate. Astronomical things tend to do that, e.g., rotation of the planet and such. My wife's mother is heading back to Louisiana today, and it has been a fun and miraculous time with her on this glorious visit!

Had a nice coaching session with my life coach. She's not in the Coaching MSoids business, but she's great at "get out of your own way" to see and suggest solutions that are very much worth trying.

It's a good line of thought-changing for all of us MSers, and non-MSers alike. Whatever it is and wherever you hope to go, why not try? Don't limit yourself. And the "try" doesn't have to be HUGE try, it's just... try. And what's to lose? It may be something you already don't have, so there isn't any "losing" even possible.

I've been in an energetic death-spiral for quite a while... I describe myself as not having enough energy to do the things that give me energy... but that's also "old thinking." Coach was very big on "do SOMETHING, doesn't really matter what, and the doing of 'something' is actually BIG doing, not small doing."

What we can't do could fill several football stadiums. Well, I also can't out-think Neil deGrasse Tyson, can't jump to Mars, can't stop the rain. So why put all my attention into the "can'ts?" What I can do, I can do, so why not do it?

Or, at the very least...


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