Friday, January 22, 2016

Just like...

Did something huge yesterday.

Went to an MD to get This Thing looked at. MD told me that things are doing great, I'm doing things great, maybe this antibiotic will be a good idea (I've taken it many times before, it's tolerated quite well), and he answered some questions.

That wasn't Big. What was Big was leaving campus. Getting into the car and going somewhere. Which I haven't been doing a lot of, over the past few months.

I'm looking at leaving campus again in a couple of days. See some friends, whom I miss and I'm very sure have also missed me. And The Event is only a couple of hours long, so my off-campus commitment, time-wise, is gentle. There'll be plenty of processing to do, of course, but that's actually good. It needs doing.

And with luck, all of this will actually happen. And if all goes well, it'll be fun, even.

We on the MS Highway, we take what we can get. Who knows what it'll bring?

And there we go again. It's just like...


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