Thursday, January 7, 2016

Today's prescription

A very powerful day, yesterday.

My wife and I had a very loving conversation. Very necessary, but very loving. "Tell the truth with love" really, REALLY, works.

I got acupunctured as well. (After, not during, aforesaid conversation.) Five-Element acupuncture is all about telling the truth with love, and listening very carefully. Profound, gentle, and beautiful. And those of you to whom such things are foreign would be surprised to hear that, except for a point or two, it really doesn't hurt.

Plus, we had a great conversation about cartoons her daughter might like, and I loaned her my box of what they call in the English version Moribito. Great for teenage daughter... the central protagonist, Balsa, is a shapely woman, but it's not about her shape. Balsa can be a real bad-ass. Who changes the world.
So, that's the no-side-effects prescription for today. Tell the truth with love, listen, and in changing yourself, change the world.

Not bad for non-animated folks like us.

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