Friday, January 29, 2016

Art imitates life

A fantastic acupuncture treatment this week, it was indeed. Effective and, as always in the Five Element Classical Acupuncture world, quite poetic.

But my acupuncturist also spoke with me about my relationship to ever-so-many "can'ts," and she suggested that attention and energy should be put into the "cans" There are indeed things that I still can do, even though said things may not be in the list of things I was used to or things that I liked or even the way I was accustomed, even practiced, doing.

For example, the truth is that yes, thing X is a thing I can do. Not in the same way that I used to, perhaps not in a manner that I'm happy with, but that doesn't change the "can-ness" of simply being able to do it. Things may come with it that I don't particularly enjoy, certainly not things that I would choose, but none of those change the essential "can-ness" of simply being able to just plain accomplish it.

She echoed something that I've been pondering for a while... There's a lot about the MS Experience that is at least at the moment unalterable or completely unknown in its alterability, but consciousness-- that, I can change.

First change: Stop fixating on the way I do things, and look to the result, which on the bottom line, may still be quite reachable. Just via a different road. May be bumpy and have lots of gnarly stuff on said road, but the destination may still be very reachable.

So, do something. It'll get me closer to the goal. Don't dwell on the changes that have happened to the manner in which I have always reached the goal.

Or in the words of the beloved civil-rights-era song, "Keep you eyes on the prize... Hold on!"

Life imitates art... sometimes, it needs to.

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