Thursday, December 31, 2015

Enjoy it

Had a nice visit yesterday from a student-turned-friend long before the "student" thing was over. He was among the anime-loving that I would hang with... Friday afternoons, I would show anime to the kids, because who could complain about that? There's no tutoring Friday afternoon, there's no "why aren't you home doing homework and studying the day before the weekend," we just watched cartoons and had tea and enjoyed life.

Not a bad Friday afternoon.

He shared some quite powerful changes some of our anime-loving number have gone through; his mom also came over to pick him up, we all talked about some College Things that the college counselors never really talk about when prepping high-schoolers for the change to that particular world.

One thing I told them both was that Guy in a Wheelchair can tell you right away... Things do change. Us MSers will be very quick to tell you... oh boy, do they change.

Tomorrow, it's gonna be January 1, and Pasadena goes whack for the Rose Parade. We may get some sort of airplane flyover, which can be seen easily from across the street. My wife and her mother have in the past actually taken the trouble to visit the parade route, but winter colds have "told" them that watching it via broadcast (webcast, in our case) is the Way To Go tomorrow.

Although I do miss the Goode Olde Days when the folks once in Firesign Theater would simulcast their own commentary over the radio; watch channel X and turn the sound off, listen to radio channel Y and listen to them, and dang it was great!

And here's your brain popper for the morning. Today is the first, and only, December 31 for the next 365 days. Today is a new year. The calendar people want to make a big deal of tomorrow, but today is technically, and actually, the first day of a year.

So, happy new year!

Enjoy it!

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