Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who'd have thought it?

An interesting place, I'm currently in... Well, let's call it "interesting," at least for now...

It's very hard for me to accomplish pretty much anything, nowadays, if you don't count encounters with the Cath Club as an "accomplishment." I sent a couple of pieces of mail today, but work on the music that *****needs***** working on? Dunno about THAT... Fortunately, nothing is currently overdue or is even close to that, but I really--somewhere, yes "really"--want to, but somehow, I'm not encouraged to do it.

My brilliant and ravingly generous neighbor has a son in college looking at Computer Stuff... I've offered to chat with said son about Computer Stuff, being as I have been dealing with it since the '70's. It's interesting, having been in the business for so long, I tend to see "improvements" as actual worsening or poorly repainted revisions of stuff that already worked perfectly well, thank you very much, which means I have less than no interest in buying the Latest Thing. Sometimes, an Old Thing is actually the best tool for the job, aside from the Nobody Supports It Anymore problem. But if you're not in the target demographic, nobody cares what you think, and often They who are "asking" really really REALLY don't want someone who disagrees to screw up the data they've already decided that they want to collect.

Maintaining the Holy Purity of the desired dataset is definitely not my problem.

But that's another show, as Alton Brown often said.

Will I do music stuff? Dunno... maybe I'll have a cup of tea and a pop-tart, see if that changes anything. Don't expect it will, but who can ay?

Came across something I actually should be of all things, thanking MS for. I've chatted with someone who still works at my former workplace, and of Lord, the very things that drove me away have gotten significantly worse... People who think they're in charge--are they? Does anyone truly know?--Are gutting and destroying beautiful things; people who have been working there for years have been driven away, one of them entirely out of the  state, people who have been working there for years are trying to figure out how to bail under the umbrella of retirement; it's very much a "rats fleeing the ship because it's about to sink" thing.

I both loved and hated the place, at different times and for different reasons. "How the mighty have fallen" hardly encourages me, but that's the way it is, alas.

I'm not even sure whether I'll find a cartoon image that'll reassure any of us, but oh well...

But it is a tragicomic "thanks for MS" moment.

Who'd have thought it?

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