Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I can definitely use

I am sorry to have shared so little, here in this Sharing Space, over the last ... days? Weeks?

I don't really want to know, I guess...

Some good health news: Eye doctor said that vision has actually improved a bit, I don't need new prescriptions or new glasses or drugs or anything, and even get to wail a few more months before the next exam! Improvement... that don't happen much, best to enjoy it when you got it.

I don't seem to accomplish things any more. Right now, at least. Part of the challenge is the Morning Bathroom Ritual, which does important good work but takes a while and takes energy and the pharmacy-assistance I need to get that to happen makes my head go WHEE! which don't lead much to work here at the computer, but at least I'm getting something done here.

I would, on paper (as it were), like to accomplish more. There are some music things I need to work through in order to, y'know, finish them and throw 'em over the wall for Performance Maybe Considerations. But I have to sit at the computer and work stuff through, and that's rather a challenge, right now.

Another huge challenge right now, something that's turned into quite a show-stopper, is the whole wheelchair-transfer thing. Doable between the chair and the bed, doable with difficulty and more than a little danger to transfer from the chair to the commode, but chair-to-car and car-to-chair are taxing, unfriendly/uncomfortable, and depending on how I land in the chair, quite shocking.

Landing on your butt in the wheelchair is not nearly as uncomfortable as landing on the ground would be... IS... but it can be quite a shock, and not at all a simple and easy-to-disregard momentary challenge.

So I don't go out to lunch or dinner or anything, because the "nasty" of just getting into the restaurant erases the good done by the "treat" of the restaurant.

Plus, the whole "elimination" thing, my bladder being my bladder, makes me want to stay near my commode, a place that I understand and can work in with no having-to-set-things-up-first difficulties. Or fight the rather nasty fights of pulling pants and off, a simple operation when you can stand on two feed and use both hands, rather than juggling between grabbing the pants and grabbing the handicap rails.

I think I'll have some more tea--Big Red Robe, this morning! And then will I work on music? or give up? I really don't know what's going to help me more.

Not much interesting or even on at all, on the Cartoon Network today. But, I'm not in the demographic, so they won't care.... But we'll see what maybe hiding on the web.

Gentle stories about laughter and love.

Those... I can definitely use.

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