Sunday, July 19, 2015

Too soon

Ah, us MSers, we do live unusual lives.

Some of my blogging colleagues tell stories of discovery, of delight, of travails survived and overcome.

Well, what's my story today?

I survived the Morning Medical Stuff. Nothing worth reporting in detail. Trust me. That does take a bit of energy, so I made osmanthus oolong to warm up the morning. A lovely flavor... the Tea People were right, my wife was asked the tea shop and asked what they recommended for summer, and the instant answer was "Summer? Osmanthus oolong." (Lord, I gotta figure out how to get this into the hands of my parents and brother. Gotta Skype him to take him through how to make it right, it ain't "drop in a teabag and basically forget about it until it has been brewing for way too long," the traditional American approach to tea. But that's another show.)

Dropped a couple of e-notes. Checked that I don't owe the DWP (their schedule of bills eludes me, so I just check every so often).

Need to work on music; one Thing needs doing reasonably quickly = ASAP, the other Thing can get done easily within the month, it'll probably take a week of work or thereabouts.

Or I can go lie down and listen to cartoons or stuff on TED or The Day The Universe Changed or an original-series Star Trek. Maybe catch the Kill La Kill that I missed last night (slept through it) and sleep through it.
Sometimes in the morning, it's clear that I can definitely Do Stuff. Sometimes, I can feel that I'm about to hit the wall and need to go to bed--if I don't respect the wall, I may wind up getting to know the floor better. Intimately. Which I did earlier this week, it took a neighbor to dead-lift me into my chair so I could get back to the not-call-off-it bed.

And I really can't tell, right now. I may be on the good side of "keep going," but sometimes I'm not sure.

Like now.

I'll go get another cup of tea and a snack. Or a banana, maybe even. Food is good for me, and the acupuncture clock says eat, man, eat--in the morning! So I'll do my best to try that. Then see if there's any music doing. Some of it doesn't require a lot of musical creativity, things like "First, I need new staves for the new instruments I need to write for." Once those are in, it's creativity time.

If I can. But, alas, I must always...

Respect the wall.

Respect it and it'll hurt less when you hit it.

Which you will.

Too soon, alas.

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Muffie said...

Your last two posts sound as if you're doing a little better. Isn't it a great feeling to even think about doing!