Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not interested

Went to bed last night thinking I'd work on music today. I may yet.

Now that I've been sitting at computer long enough to order some niece-birthday gifts, and a couple of other notes, and I'm seriously thinking of giving up. Especially since the whole "bad typing" thing eats time and frustrates me.

The music I want to work on, it isn't that hard.

Just sitting at the computer, and using it and getting good use out of it... that's hard.

And I feel myself hitting the wall. Time to go to bed.

Any other "note sending" will wait until I'm in bed. I have a couple on the list, just friend-to-friend, nothing scary or about business or that kind of stuff.

Maybe a cup of tea and try again. Maybe a give up and just go to bed. Maybe sleep.

It's a challenging world, where "give up" is more nurturing than "keep going."

I'm not changing my internal picture of myself into "an invalid" or something like that. I just don't enjoy suffering. Staying up too long engenders the suffering, it seems.

I got no fancy philosophy... as to the "suffering" thing...

Not interested.

Who is?

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