Sunday, July 26, 2015

Man, it's taking a lot just to do this.

I have orchestral music that needs to be reviewed and maybe fixed, prior to release. I don't have the wherewithal to deal with it.

I barely have the wherewithal to do this, and I probably won't be taking long before I give up.

That's pretty much my current state. Give up.

Just lie there and maybe listen to something, maybe go back to sleep. Have lunch, go to sleep. Have dinner, go to sleep.

Well, it's an uncomplicated life...

Rocky Mountain MS Society's regular publication arrived at the house recently; some excellent articles on medical marijuana. Which articles came after the multi-page ad for Copaxone. Somehow, although I understand that ads pay for the publication, someone may have missed the point.

Interesting bits were printed about the history of cannabis use... it has been used on many continents, literally for millennia. And somehow, The System needs to do double-blind experiments to see if it's safe. I get it, but c'mon! If there was a problem with it, you think maybe after several continents and millennia of use, we'd know it?

How long does it take to learn how much NOT to drink? Takes at most one or two "lessons," and you know exactly what happens if you over-enthusiastically help yourself. Doesn't take a double-blind study. EVERYBODY knows what happens; it has either happened first-person to you, or you've seen what happens to other people who need to learn this lesson.

My herbalist quoted me a study that established the lethal dose for weed to be on the order of forty-three pounds. You would more easily be crushed by the 43-pound bale landing on you than surviving smoking 43 pounds of it. I think it's safe.

Ask anyone who went to college in the 80's, they're still doing fine. Many of them even having given up on smoking it simply by becoming disinterested... see how often that happens with tobacco. How many people do you know who have just upped and quit smoking cigarettes? That'd be three, count 'em, three, for me. I know people who gave up cocaine but couldn't quit smoking. Tobacco kills people. But it's huge-air-quotes "safe." But cannabis, which all but can't kill you, they want studies on. Which they can't get because the feds have their heads up their ass and call it Category 1 and thus, nobody can get at it, so of course it's untested enough and therefore unsafe.

Yeah, well I don't think so. I got multiple doctor types with whom I talk about different weed strains doing different things: one for spasm, one for daytime "let's get the munchies and eat!"

I wish it would encourage me to work on music. But a really good weed buzz doesn't help you make sure you ain't got wrong notes in the 2nd Violin part.

Where's the gift of MS, in my current state?

Perhaps a call to be at peace; to persevere as best you can. Just like, y'know, life.

So where will that take me today?

Perhaps bed, to start with. We'll see.

We'll see.

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Judy at Peace Be With You said...

I read the same review ... noticed the same ad ... agree that it's how the review is financed or one might never get it ... then promptly moved on, essentially ignoring the ad ... but it was ironic. As for the feds being responsible for mj limits, I suspect there are plenty of people in government interested in decriminalizing pot but can't because of interest groups whose political power are influencing policy. And that won't change until people vote.