Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An interesting prescription

So my wife, my blessed primary caregiver, took a week off to recuperate, do Fun Things, hang with friends, and otherwise just be herself, 100% of the time. She left me in the care of a college friend who surpassed "Godsend" in very, very short order.

My wife came back with some truly amazing ideas about stuff she should do to share her wonderfulness with the world. It's not quite well enough filled out to fit under the "entrepreneurial" umbrella, but it will be, in short order.

Well it will, if she has the time and energy to do it. If she's not sucked dry by "100% caregiver," the role she finds herself in at home here with me.

So we've talked about how I can help her be her, and besides the obvious "offload caregiving to others sometimes," but at the bottom line, it comes down to this:

I need to engage the world.

Not just lie in bed all day, getting up for the bathroom and the occasional feeding and sitting on the veranda all alone in the wheelchair, but actually engage the world. Somehow.

So that's today's gift from the world: get outta bed and engage the world, however you can.

This means getting my own friends to come over and hang out with me. Engage with them. As Garnet the Crystal Gem from Steven Universe said...
Blogging with you folks is part of my "engage the world" prescription. Not quite as in-your-face direct as actually being with people can be, but it's a start.

A friend of mine on the Yale faculty sent me a note asking to get my compositions into a Certain Person's hands. More details as they happen, but it certainly means I need to get out of bed and sit at the computer and, well, engage the world. Again, remotely, but we start where we can.

Do what you can with what you have. And fully engage the world.

An interesting prescription, no?

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Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Many blessings to you as you engage the world. Most of my engagement occurs via the internet but, as you just experienced with your visiting friend,engagement with flesh-and-blood friends has special rewards. Congratulations with your new music venture.