Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I tell you what

New fascination, new discoveries, new explanations...

So, many of us MSers have common issues. A recent read of the (real) literature reports that irrespective of gender, bladder, bowel, and of all things leg issues, tend to go together. Get one, get three. Sounds like something Seth Godin would talk about, "get 1, but actually get 3!" as a  marketing strategy.

Frankly, I can do without all three being and Issue, so "piling on" has no attraction for me.

But the discovery is how connected all the visceral organs are. And amazingly enough, also the legs; when I'm inserting the bladder catheter, I feel a nerve "spark" (as it were) in one of my toes. Always the same one. There's some sort of nerve connection between somewhere in my urethra and one of my right toes.

The connections are there in all of us. But even with bad wiring, the connections are ... amazing!
Why I'm having such a horrible time dealing with the computer and dealing with music, I don't know... Yes, yes, as you can tell, I'm still quite taken with certain cartoons, but they're not running nowadays so I have no reason to sink into the screen. Nowadays, they seem to be showing a lot of Teen Titans, Go! but Robin is rather a dick, and Beast Boy needs to just shut up and grow up.

Great, Teen Titans have turned me into Hank Hill. I tell you what.
I also rediscovered the horrible power of heat. I warmed myself up, I thought quite gently and pleasantly, sitting on the veranda for about 20 minutes. All that heat basically turned me into an invalid... I couldn't move anything, and I think that was why I wound up on the floor. My feet stuck to the floor, even in socks, and I couldn't move them at all and I tried to save myself from sliding out of the chair, but apparently, I didn't. Spent a few minutes lying on the floor calling for help, which thank God came quite expeditiously.

To be deadlifted from the ground with Karen's help at my feet, and the really big motive force to lift my upper body being supplied by a friend with an artificial leg.

Yes, that's right, I get picked up off the floor and power-lifted back into my wheelchair by a guy with only one leg.

Well, like I often say... I always find the funny, and you gotta admit, that's funny.

I tell you what.

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Judith Mercado said...

I'm at a loss for words and can only come up with funny-sad.