Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why judge?

I'm seeing an interesting pattern, in the way I handle, or more specifically don't, handle things.

Now nothing has changed; still wheelchair bound, still can't stand, the usual.But sometimes, getting into or out of bed, easy!

Except when it isn't; when this happens, I'm trapped in "can't." Can barely get into or out of bed; can't deal with using my fingers to control the iPad (no matter what size), or the phone; when I'm at my studio computer, as I am now, I get into a state of "even poking with one finger doesn't work."

Well, this morning, I'll next try to add a little bit more food to the tummy; the "insufficiently fed" state is a great way to hit the wall. So, that, I can fix.

AS for the rest of the time... I don't know how to get out of the "can't state," but it would be good to stay well clear of the "freak out" state. Which sadly happens too easily...

A happy rush to the kitchen for emergency waffles... typing is better now, slightly, but better.

I am starting to come to peace with "my body part X is doing Y now" moments. Some I'm pretty much at peace with, some... as Ram Dass says, I've still got work to do.

Quite the amazing gift of MS...

Coming to peace with the reality of my expression of this incarnation. A first lessons...

It does what it does.

It just ... happens. It happens anyway, so...

Why judge?

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