Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Echoes of Yenta

Had a great session with my MD/neurologist/acupuncturist/spiritual advisor on Monday. Very much a "one-stop shop" kinda trip.

Most amazing was that I was able to get on and off the exam table, and go from sitting to lying down and lying down to sitting without any help. Given that for a couple of months I've had to be dead-lifted onto and off of the table, this was really huge.

I dunno if I'd call it an "improvement," but it was very definitely the "opposite of worsening," which by definition is namable as "improvement," but there you go.

It does not qualify me for relapsing/remitting, but I have to admit that experiencing anything besides "circling the bowl" definitely qualifies, at least a little, as "better."

You take what you get, right?

Of course, right.

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