Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Close enough

Another small triumph.

Breakfast is the only meal of the day, nowadays, that I eat without difficulty. I don't run a very wide gamut of choices, but small changes make things interesting--today we put that on the waffle, but yesterday we used that, and if they're different enough, it keeps away the monotony. There are things that I like a lot and enjoy every day, but I keep things different and that keeps things fun.

But back to the small victory: the normal breakfast is I'll have that today, in this case, cereal. Often I have a waffle, but today after the cereal, I decided.... why not also have a waffle!

Y'know, when you're in a state your doctor has called "incipient starvation," I think it's probably a good idea to eat things whenever you feel like eating them (assuming they're healthy enough for you, we do our utmost to only have healthy things in the house).

I still don't feel "hungry" as such, but just being interested...

Close enough.

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