Thursday, March 26, 2015

So, why do it

FINALLY have the strength to check in with y'all.

My sh**tty typing has already made me regret this choice. Because it took time I could be spending on better things and spent it on correcting grotesque typing errors. Which did not improve my attitude... Anyway:

Made it "off campus" to see a friend from many years ago. She also said farewell to a much beloved job that she had held for more than 20 years (at a very prestigious university). Her job ended very much the way mine did; contemplating "why" even if it did explain everything dispassionately and accurately wouldn't have, or will, make a damned bit of difference, except in changing our understanding... which has its advantages,

I'll be looking into a project beyond this blog to assist others on the MS Highway with their ... adventures, let's say; more info when things are settled.

May plant a cucumber today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow. I hope.

In the animated series Adventure Time, one character says "Hugging helps."

Looking at Facebook commentary and, if I can't stop myself from peeking at it, a lot of today's news, I'd amend that to "Complaining doesn't help." But, Politician X said Y, which of course means (by the author's data-free assumptions) means that what they REALLY think is Z, but since Said Grumbler not being telepathic has no f-ing idea what someone is really thinking... and getting yourself aroused at a delusion definitely doesn't help, you or anyone else.

Or should we say rather, "Complaining doesn't help."

Oh, US MSers would have things to say, if grousing about our situation actually did something. But... as we can see by the people still with MS, complaining doesn't help.

So... why do it?

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Muffie said...

I agree with you about not complaining. 1. It doesn't help our situation; 2. it could even make us feel worse; and 3. no one really wants to listen to gripes. So, I plant my smile and whistle a happy tune! I can't wait to hear about your new project!