Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Isn't better... Better?

Ah, choices, choices... As I'm entering this, I need to decide whether to attend to Alan, my misbehaving bladder, or let him do his Thing, whatever that may be, and deal with the aftermath later. Each has a price. Even "do nothing" has a price.

I just finished snagging a mid-morning snack. There's a price for that... and eating nothing? There's a price for that.

Choosing anything, MS or not, has a price. But on the MS Highway, choices and prices are clear, and high.
I definitely would prefer to choose comfort over discomfort; "this makes me feel better" over "This does nothing for me, no matter what anyone not driving this body says about its promised benefits."

So here's a thought... I'm going to finish this, then going to go do something that makes me feel better. Deal with Alan, maybe go down a herbally-assisted path (they often really do make me feel better), listen to some music, maybe podcasts, maybe cartoons. As you can tell from my recent posts, certain cartoons really do make me feel better.

And isn't better...


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