Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well, THERE'S your problem

A very interesting day, yesterday.

Had quite the talk with my doctor/acupuncturist about what's up with me being stuck in the "stuck" state.

He says, "I don't think you really know how to live with MS yet."

My response, pretty much verbatim: "Well, you could just put the period after the word 'live,' but... yeah. You're right."

As Mythbusters's Adam Savage so eloquently says (usually while pointing to an object that has just spectacularly exploded), "Well, there's your problem."

It's certainly easy and glib to say, "Well, that's the challenge before all of us, isn't it?" But clearly, I no longer have the luxury to sit back and luxuriate in the balm of glib answers.

I've often said that MS was the human condition, just writ so large that we couldn't ignore it. Well, it seems, I'm correct. And I can no longer sit back and luxuriate in the balm of a glib aphorism.

So, I guess, I need to learn to live.

Oh yeah, and live with MS, while I'm at it.

Well then... OK.

Not much else to say, at this point, besides "OK."

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