Monday, August 10, 2009


Probably the most notable thing in my life right now is that the "I hate walking" has subsided. I'm still unsteady, I still totter into walls on occasion, but whatever it was that made walking really unpleasant has gone away. Perhaps it is fading as the summer is fading... I don't know that it's exactly tied to the heat; southern California having the variable and usually high-temperature weather that it does, it will be interesting to see whether I get the "I hate to walkies" in hot weather, or in the Chinese-medicine Fire season only.

I did get a lot of "gotta get this crap taken care of" items handled today. I still have a few more, I have at least one longer-than-I'd-like car trip to pick up studio equipment, and some last bits of move-to-new-computer to handle, but these are getting easier too. I can't quite clear as much to-do as I'd like, or as I used to, but at least I'm clearing things.

Just got a commission to do a 50th anniversary piece for a church in Colorado, the official inaugural work for the New Studio. I got some (read "less than I'd like but at least it's a start") done yesterday, but at least I have an idea of where I want to take it. Tomorrow's dedicated to cranking on it; it'll be easier to work on it once it's really rolling. I really, really want to get it done by the end of this month. I have too many things planned for me over the next few days (at least some of them are supposed to be fun and/or good for me) but with luck, I'll start building steam.

So that's that. Just slightly over a month before school starts again, the first day of instruction is 9/15. Right now, my stamina's not quite up for it, but there's a month to go. And I usually get a good boost of energy from Autumn itself, with luck that'll keep me going.

So, right now, all signs point to... progress.

(And just to close the loop on my last posting... Spamalot was great!)

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