Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun, finally

Such a nice day today. Finally.

Fruit fresh from yesterday's farmer's market for breakfast, in the back yard.

Iyengar yoga next; and never let it be said that just because it lets you use things like chairs and bolsters that it isn't extremely powerful stuff (we all got our asses kicked, most gently and lovingly, namaste).

Fresh from my yoga buzz I went to a qi gong treatment, and for the first time after many months of energy basically refusing to move, today the doctor told me that it was willing to move, and that it moved very nicely. I could feel it cooperating, and walking to the parking lot afterwards, I could really feel life trying to return to my legs--especially the right one, which is the worse of the two.

I'm still pretty unsteady of course, I still careen into the wall a lot; but leg weakness and vague pain and all notwithstanding, I actually haven't minded walking this evening. I don't even remember when the last time was when I didn't mind walking. (Oops, yes I do: it was after a really good shiatsu treatment. Those work really well for me, I really should do more of them...)

Good thing that I'm feeling better, because I just got a music commission, and I need to start cranking on it very, very soon. Yesterday, really, but tomorrow will be soon enough, if I actually start putting notes on the page rather than just thinking about it. It's for a church's 50th anniversary, "Jubilee" they're calling the event. It's going to be fun, writing for that...

Fun. In a word, that's what's been missing from my life, most of all. Well, I get to write for fifty-plus voice choir, organ, handbells, and brass quintet. I get to make the floor shake and the veil between the seen and the unseen rip open.

That is definitely fun.

Oh, and also, this Sunday: Spamalot! That's definitely going to be fun (or at least, that's the idea).

Camelot... it is a silly place.

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Denver Refashionista said...

I am so happy you're happy and having fun. Keep that energy flowing!