Sunday, August 16, 2009

Comedy (unplanned)

Fresh air is just wonderful.

The summer's killing heat seems to have passed. We still get warm in the afternoons, but here it is noon, and we're still ventilating with open windows rather than A/C. I'm sorry I can't get a lot of fresh air moving through my composition studio; I have a skylight that opens, but the only window is (a) taken up by the A/C which is not moving, ever, it's just too important; but even if it did move, (b) the window it's in opens up into the "garage": technically a covered carport, but there's no source of fresh air except the garage door, which I don't think leaving open for ventilation for hours on end is exactly prudent, nice though our neighborhood is.

Got good work done on the commission yesterday, hope to get more done today. (Gonna get started in just a few minutes. Really. Well, maybe lunch first. But then, real soon. Really.)

MS symptoms have reduced from "massively inconvenient" to "inconvenient," which I definitely take to be an improvement. I don't think I'd call it a "remission" in the spirit of "relapsing/remitting," but I'm not into that label anyway. But physically, today, things are better.

Had a couple of unintentionally slapstick moments over the last few days... For example, I was sitting in one place in a not very good seat for too long, and nearly fell over when I tried to get up because my legs had fallen asleep--which phenomenon provides its own challenges, before we even get to the MS-induced numbness, leaden-limbness, and poor proprioception. The throw rug should have been called a "slip rug"... I think you can envision a spectacular "Homer Simpson"-grade prat fall without further description. (Fortunately, for me it was only a near prat fall. But somehow, that just increased the comedy.)

But, since my attitude towards all these "MS Moments" is usually nothing more weighty than "Well, that's inconvenient," it does make riding such moments out surprisingly easy, even considering the desperate Scooby-Doo's-flying-feet-style scrambling that they often entail.

And I've got to admit, these MSM's can be pretty funny, in an twisted-sitcom kinda way. If I ever wanted to go into stand-up comedy, you know where I'd be getting my material. But as they often say in the humor business, "You can't write stuff like that!"

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