Monday, August 17, 2009

Blocked again, I think

I've been trying for days to work on my commission, and it's just not working. Neither is anything else, interfacing-with-life-wise. I think I'm blocked again. Actually, I think I was blocked the afternoon of my last treatment. Which means I was unblocked for uh... four hours?

Back to mired face down in the dirt, it would seem.

Part of the mire was caused by dealing with electronica first thing of the day, and getting sucked into the internet. It's not exactly "theraputic," but the reason I do so much of it is that it's just about all I can deal with doing.

We'll see how long I can stay off it tomorrow. Maybe if I write music in the morning instead of e-mail, things will go a little better... we'll see.

I made a quiche tonight. Well, at least something productive got done. Breakfast for the week is ready to go!

So, blocked or not... not a total loss, eh?

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Denver Refashionista said...

I'm blocked too, literally. I even took a stool softener (I know, TMI) but man the steroids have wrought havoc on my digestive system. Now it's 3:45 am and I'm up waiting to be unblocked. I have been up since 1:30. Alas, who needs sleep?

I am going to get acupuncture again soon. Thank God, I need relief. I just got a massage and that helped but now I already could use another.