Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old solutions, current problems

We in the MS community have a ... different... relationship with insurance companies than many of the people I hear expressing their opinions about the various reform plans that are in development. A lot of plans are on the table, but none of them is currently a clear favorite.

I have a suggestion: a simple solution, an old solution, from many, many years ago.

Many years ago, in China, you paid your doctor to keep you well. You paid your doctor only as long as you were well.

If you got sick, it meant that your doctor had failed his primary job (to keep you healthy). You didn't have to pay your doctor again until he brought you out of sickness back to health.

There we go. That's the solution.

Wouldn't the state of health in America be radically different, if the medical establishment put its energy into keeping people out of sickness, because when you dropped out of health into disease, you didn't have to pay your doctor anything?

Now that's free-market motivation.

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Denver Refashionista said...

This idea is brilliant. You should write to Obama.