Sunday, April 19, 2009


Both an up and down week so far. For two days after my last treatment, I had motivation, good ideas, and stuff got done. Yesterday, half a good day, then collapse. Today, everything's a struggle. I've lost the "oomph" for generating ideas and I'm thinking that the ideas I'm sort-of having just aren't very good. I suppose I should write them down anyway and let the fur fall where it may, but I've never been a fan of work-anyway-even-if-you-know-it'll-suck.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I have to tech the spring music concert, which is definitely gonna be an energy sink (even if I enjoy it, which I expect to do; they're very good, they did a great job today at a concert at a local church).

And oh yeah, we got hit by a heat wave today, three digits in some areas. My legs are very happy it's that hot, but my core is definitely not happy.

Great. I'm Schroedinger's MS patient. I'm 50% happy with the temperature, no matter what it is.

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Denver Refashionista said...

Don't worry if your ideas end up "lousy," get them down. You may find a samll nugget in a bunch of crap but creative expression for the sake of creative expression is good too. I got too worried about the inner-critic and it stifled me. Now I'm just trying to work with ideas even if they turn out to be less than stellar.