Saturday, April 4, 2009


Earlier this week, I was reassured to find several other MS bloggers who, like me, find fatigue to be one of the most debilitating -- and annoying -- things about The Disease (as I've taken to calling it, when I want to talk about it in polite company).

There's something so ... special ... about MS fatigue. It saps the "kindling" fire, the small spark that ignites the real fire; it saps the "sustaining" fire, the "heat" of the fire triangle that (in the "real world") keeps a flame going. Or perhaps in my case, since (in the five-element system) I have issues with the "Metal within the Fire," it's sapping the Air, the medieval "element" that corresponds to Metal in the five-element system. (Sorry to get so esoteric, but I spend a lot of time in "esoteric" nowadays.)

Just visited the blog of a friend of mine in the magic world, who also spends a lot of his time in esoterica (in his case, the yogic world) and who is another member of the Mystery School. Just reading about him is sparking something... I've been kept awake the last few nights with ideas about scripts for magic effects, and have done nothing with them, not even writing them down, and they're in the dangerous place between "causing a blockage because they want to be let out" and "getting reabsorbed." I haven't had any fire to put my magic into practice... but at least I'm feeling a spark to do something.

So I'm feeling a spark... and I'm craving air. I've been craving air a lot, recently, and last week I got the Metal within the Fire directly treated, and I've been trying to continue nurturing the "Metal within," in my own way, all week. That's two of the three legs of the fire triangle; and spring is, in the five-element system, the season of Wood. (Perhaps... the fuel? You think?)

Wood. Air. A spark. Maybe I can strike some fire today.

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Anonymous said...

Of all the symptoms, I find that fatigue is the worse one. I spent all day Saturday in bed and 50% of the time sleeping. All because I had a dinner party the night before. No booze, but they were here six hours and that knocked me out.

Chin up, fatigue does pass. Eventually.

Take care,