Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who can say?

A brief moment to check in.

I'm still immured by the goddam computer having been "improved" with a new OS which basically made said computer unusable.

Unless I want to use Guitar Band or some other Apple product which does me zero good. Which is pretty much what the machine does for me now; not counting the occasional bill pay or blog entry (like this one), my computer is not doing well with the "my" and "actually helping me make music" stuff.

I'm trying new help-me-out OTC Medical Things, which may actually be an improvement. From the way I'm not typing now, I think I'm done doing whatever it was that I could. Will more get accomplished today? As was quoted often in The Lord of the Rings, who can say?

Did I have other things to do? Both on the computer and off, such as enjoying a few moments in the sunlight, perhaps enjoying the front yard with the new wheelchair ramp on the front porch, or a jaunt around the back patio, in our backyard zen garden? Yeah, but will I be able to do them?

Who can say?

(Yes it is that bad right now. More later, certainly if we get out of the "that bad" zone.)

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