Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not a bad side effect

Doing the best I can to blog this before I hit the wall. Which I'm pretty much already doing.

All of us in this amazing little life often come across "Gotta do" stuff. Well, the Four Necessities, food clothing shelter medicine, are worth having something to "do" with, but the "gotta do" gets in the way of all sorts of things. Especially when other people start piling :gotta" all over you.

We--OK, I--get caught up in "doing." "Doing" seems to be the thing to... well, do, I guess.  If I'm not hung up by being in "denial," I certainly do seem to get stuck a lot on "doing."

The Taoists have ideas about doing and "NOT doing, or wu wei, as an important way to follow the path.

Ram Dass has a completely different idea, karma yoga as providing a "thing to do" that will get you closer to whomever/whatever you regard as "God."

So, as I run out of "typing moments," what am I supposed to "do?"

Think. Contemplate. Meditate. Make notes, if I can, regarding some ideas that might turn into not just "doing" but into karma yoga. Maybe call my parents. Watch cartoons. Laugh. Have FUN!

I think that last bit is something that all of us, gentle readers, MS or not, need to do.

Have fun.

No side effects, besides...

Joy. Laughter. Fun, even.

Not a bad side effect, eh?

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