Friday, April 17, 2015

Might even work

Some adventures, I don't need. On the list today, calling Apple about some significant system failures caused, I believe, by trusting them to make things actually better with their latest releases.

Heard from someone else, not "of" Apple, say that in the Real Worlds, they don't install such updates for at least 6 months, if not a year, to give everyone a chance to catch up to said "improvements."

My plan, when I call them, is to open with two things: #1, I hold you personally blameless for all of my difficulties, so if I get crotchety, I'm not mad at YOU. #2. I never want to hear the words "better" or "Garage Band" in anything you say. I write for humans. I have been happy with what I use for everything for years. Now, in the cause of making it "better," one of the only things I can do has been taken away from me, in the name of "improving" things.

Well, it didn't, so stop telling me how it will, and help me ACTUALLY make it better.

This is the MSer's experience with the health care system. "It's thought to [fill in the blank]." Well, don't tell me what it's thought to do, tell me what it actually does and how that will make me better.

They never get to the second part of that, the whole "better" thing.

Telling me about what the label says or what your legally-sanctioned memorized speech requires, tells me nothing. Tell me about ME or get lost. We both have better things to do. Well, I know I do.

Here's a "thought to" that you'll never hear again: Sexual intercourse is thought to facilitate pregnancy.

You Big Pharma guys need to know that what you tell me sounds about as useful. At best. By accident. Being both useful and accurate, by accident. Pregnancy and "by accident" seem to be found in close appropinquity not infrequently, wouldn't that be good for MS "treatments"?
If you don't know about it, be truthful. (Would change everything during the wind-up to the Presidential race. Truthfulness....)

I spend plenty of time saying "you're not helping me" if I'm trapped in the belly of the beast, in the Western medical world. Telling doctors visiting me in the hospital "Tell me how this is going to help me" generally stops the conversation.

So, do I have the strength call Apple now, and see if hey can actually (make those letters about as big as you can, the "actually") help me?

Well, as the Good Book says, pray without ceasing.

Who knows, that...
Might even work.

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