Thursday, April 2, 2015


May not be able to share much today... I'm shivering, in what must be high 60s/low 70s in the studio. Paid some bills (electronically), sent some mail, gonna maybe gonna try to make a phone call or at least a SMS message. A friend is expected at 1PM Pacific time, with a treat in the form of what I'm told will be a tremendous sandwich. The fun never ends, it seems.
An interesting day of introspection, at times. Wheel chairing around the house, I find myself grousing about or at some inanimate object, which is somehow stopping me from accomplishing something. And then I catch myself (as Ram Dass says, "There I go again") and just ask, "And what is that about?" The Whatever setting off yelling turns out really at the end of it all, to be actually about... nothing.

And I say to myself "OK... so it means nothing. Now what?"

Tell the truth, Ram Dass reminds us, so the truth is... what it's about is nothing beyond "There I go again," and whatever has been caused by Whatever Set Me Off means, as I said earlier, nothing.


This is definitely a gift of MS. Catch yourself needing to tell the truth, tell it, and then, what next?

Oh, I dunno, what about...


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