Sunday, June 29, 2014

Deal with it

Thoughts on the veranda, this evening, about the MS Highway...

We all know that we're only visitors here, just temporary residents; renters, perhaps even. With years come changes, and saying farewell to our previously ever-so-reliable bodies, one small but beloved bit at a time. And with the gentle farewells, saying farewell may come easier, more gently to us.

The MS Highway is nothing more nor less than absolutely normal human life, but on a different schedule, a different approach. With different purposes, perhaps, even.

Imagine, if you will, suddenly finding yourself on a highway stretching into nowhere, in an otherwise absolutely bleak desert.

There is absolutely nowhere else to go, no other way to go than the way you're going, right here and right now. All you can do is follow the road.

And your absolutely only option is to say: There's nothing else to be done. Deal with it.

And that's life on the MS Highway. Something you always relied upon isn't able to be relied upon. Something you've spent your life doing, suddenly, you can't do any more. Things you took for granted are as good as just-plain-gone. There are moments of extreme beauty, when you realize that your beloved is even more amazing than you could ever have imagined. But most of the experience is with malfunction, forced changes, and loss.

But sucky as that can be, you're still on the highway. And there is only one option: follow the road. It only leads in one direction, where it ends up I have no idea, but there is only one direction: Forward.

There's nothing else to be done. Deal with it.

But that's life, plain and simple. Things change. If you want to stay on the Highway of Life, there's only one direction to go: Forward.

There's nothing else to be done. Deal with it.

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