Friday, June 20, 2014

Giving up or letting go

Seems to be "biting the bullet" time of year.

Another of my esteemed MS-blog friends mentioned that she had also let her driver's license lapse, her husband does all the driving for her. I was very pleased to do the driving that I could when I could, because I knew the day would come when I couldn't.

For now, at least, that day seems to have come.

I had hoped to drive my poor little truck for at least another decade,  when I'd pass it off to my nephew (although, honestly, I think he'd prefer a car, I think my niece was going to be the one who wanted a truck). That's not going to happen... I think it may just be time to sell my poor little truck. Time to find someone who wants a pretty darned bulletproof little truck with high-grade hand controls, and let them enjoy the freedom it can provide. I suppose I'll need to put it on Craig's list or something, that's something else to look into, I guess.

I'm gonna need an entirely different vehicle to drive. Assuming, of course, that I can get the driver's license nonsense settled. My truck gets on the order of 20MPG, which ain't much to go on but if all you do is drive a few miles a few times a week, it ain't so awful... my wife's Prius gets, if I can believe its dashboard, between 50 and 100MPG, depending on where and how it's being driven.

Maybe it's time for someone else to deal with 20MPG vehicles. It is a nice little truck, though.

I'm going to talk to my dad about this; at one point, they finally up and sold the 1967 VW bug that was older than my "little" brother. Not so "little" now, college professor and dad of two children. But they managed to let go of a perfectly lovely vehicle, which had been very dear in our hearts for decades.

Because it was time to let it go.

We MSers, we face that all the time, if my experience and what others have shared with me has clearly revealed. Hell, here I am typing only with my left hand, because using my right just gushes with error after error. Is it just bad today, or is it time to just let go?

"Give up" and "let go" aren't interchangeable, but functionally, they're pretty damn close...

There can be victory in letting go... if that's what we choose. There could even be victory in "giving up" depending on what you're giving up...

As they said in The Phantom Tollbooth, it's all in the way you look at things...

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